HU Serves  Workshop Series: How to enhance student learning through service

“Service-Learning – a High Impact Practice”


Workshop #1:
Guest speaker: Paula L. SMITH-HAWKINS, Ph.D. , Assoc. Dean CNM.

SmithHawkinsPresentation (pdf) /  Link to recording

This workshop will introduce the basics of service learning theory and practice, provide a framework for establishing a service learning program, explain how to align service learning projects with learning outcomes, and describe how to assess service learning programming with respect to New Mexico Highland University Traits.

Workshop #2: Definition of service learning, learning theory, the role of reflection & scholarship

Oct. 6, 2017  1:45pm  – 3:45 pm   SH 130A


  • Overview of key elements of service learning
  • Identify the 7 elements of service learning
  • Review definition of service learning and define service learning for your purposes
  • Review Learning theory models and discuss benefits
  • Discuss curriculum changes overview

Workshop #3: Curriculum development – current NMHU examples, changing your syllabus


  • Reflection – student questions
  • Tying service learning to your curriculum
  • Highlands faculty present current projects
  • Determine a service learning project/component

Workshop #4: Community partnerships – how to get started, how to assess the partnership and the learning


  • Discuss building community partnerships
  • Hear from two community partners
  • Develop a list of potential community partners
  • Review/ develop an agreement form to detailing student and community partner roles
  • Assessing projects and partnerships
  • Finalize syllabus – Due December 1, submitted to HU Serves committee
  • Challenges and strategies