Joseph Montoya Internship opportunity РWashington DC

Are you interested in how policies from Washington, D.C impact your field of study and how those legislative policies get made? Apply for this stipend and find out! The successful candidate, working with a faculty member, will travel to Washington, D.C. to work for a government agency, corporation, or national not-for-profit organization.

This opportunity applies to all fields.  Learn to be an advocate for your field and your community!


This internship program is a high impact practice designed to expand students horizons, gain invaluable experience and serve as Highlands representatives, bringing visibility for NMHU in an area distant from campus, but critical to the University. The long-range goals are to build a peer and alumni network of influence in the heart of our federal government.


The funds are available through a Joseph Montoya Internship. The successful candidate will receive a lump sum stipend of $5000 to be used for airfare, living expenses, and purchase of necessary items for their internship (appropriate clothing, technology, etc).


The candidate will work with a faculty member who will design an appropriate assignment or reflective paper to be submitted upon return from the internship. In addition, the student will do a presentation on campus open to students and faculty to share his/her experience and knowledge gained from the internship.

Application process:

Applicants will complete the application form and submit the form together with their resume and two letters of recommendation. As part of the application, the faculty member must be named, an internship identified with a specific organization, and a description of the assignment/paper that will be provided.

Stipend ApplicationCTE