Do Quizzes Improve Student Learning?

A Look at the Evidence

Recently I’ve been trying to locate the evidence that supports quizzing, wondering if it merits the evidence-based label. Tracking down this evidence in our discipline-based research is challenging because although quizzing has been studied across our disciplines, it’s not easily searchable. My collection of studies… (cont).


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Brightspace How-to Videos

Videos for Brightspace (formerly D2L)

Brightspace Homepage Video Tutorial

Brightspace COURSE Homepage Video Tutorial 

Brightspace Add content Video Tutorial

Brightspace Assignments (Dropbox) Video Tutorial

Brightspace Creating Groups, group discussion, group assignments Video Tutorial

Gradebook setup :  Video Tutorial

Weighted Gradebook: Categories, Items, Errors Video Tutorial

Creating Gradebook Items: Two methods Video Tutorial

Extra credit items and grading InClass items: Video Tutorial

Rubrics Video Tutorial

Rubric Handouts: D2L-Rubrics Handout   Discussion Board Participation Rubric   How to grade a discussion topic with a rubric


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First Year Experience Learning Communities

NMHU’s First Year Experience Learning Communities support first-year students in building supportive relationships, applying academic content to real-world situations, and having an enjoyable college experience. A Learning Community is a community of students, faculty, peer mentors, and advisers who are studying and learning together. In connected courses, they explore different perspectives around a common interest. Two faculty work together to integrate their content, field experience, and at least one project/assessment. You can learn more about teaching in a learning community by contacting Casey Applegate-Aguilar, Coordinator/First Year Experience Learning Communities or read more by clicking on the link below.

Phone: 505-454-3071

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Between the Lines of Our Pedagogy

Between the Lines of Our Pedagogy

By: Linda Shadiow, PhD, and Maryellen Weimer, PhD  February 29th, 2016


“Our teaching persona is expressed in how we go about shaping the learning environment. A purposeful integration of our teaching persona helps link students with content in subtle ways. This matters because we’re after an expression of teaching persona that plays a constructive role in creating a learning environment where learners thrive and teachers flourish. How teaching persona influences the learning environment becomes clear when we consider the goals we have for learners and learning.”

Teaching in Action: Multicultural Education as the Highest Form of Understanding

hikingTeaching in Action: Multicultural Education as the Highest Form of Understanding

By Christine Stanley, Texas A&M
Toward the Best in the Academy Volume 12, Number 3, 2000-01

…higher education needs to serve an increasingly socially and culturally diverse student body-a population divided by race, class, culture, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, and learning and physical abilities. However, we are not yet thinking deeply enough about how these changes will affect what we teach in the classroom and how we teach it…Read more

The Far-Reaching Effects of Implicit Bias in the Classroom

ClassroomThe Far-Reaching Effects of Implicit Bias in the Classroom
by Cindy Long, January 26, 2016

… “implicit bias is defined by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity as the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, these biases are activated involuntarily without our awareness or intentional control…Read more

Professors Can Learn to Be More Effective Instructors

By Colleen Flaherty Feb 10, 2016

Studies of faculty development efforts at a liberal arts college and a land-grant university suggest the programs can have an impact on student outcomes. Intuitively, it makes…Practically speaking, though, the challenges of (and the variables involved in) tracing the effects of professional development on student learning are myriad…Read more

The Trends Report: 10 Key Shifts in Higher Education.

From Chronicle of Higher Education: The Trends Report: 10 Key Shifts in Higher Education

In a year of turmoil − marked by campus protests, free-speech controversies, scandals involving academic research, questions about the value of a degree, and more − higher education continues to be on the defensive. Public scrutiny and the social-media… Read More