Distance Instruction Resources

The following resources for curated for those faculty and instructions teaching online classes.

By Russell Thacker, PhD published June 17, 2021 by HigherEd Jobs.

” “Is it possible to know my students well enough to love them?” This question was on my mind a lot this year. As an online instructor with students dispersed around the country and in a pandemic when students and faculty weren’t able to meet as regularly as before, I found it difficult to know what was actually going on in my students’ lives.”

“The summer the Online Learning Consortium offered a series of webinars designed to prepare educators for the fall with research-backed practices, strategies, and ideas from the OLC Community.”

Information for New Mexico Highlands Univiersity Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Information Technology Services (ITS), and Online and Extended Learning. Included is a description of each department, contact information, and frequently asked questions based on the services each department provides.

Support and Resources for Faculty provided information and resources available to you, as you begin preparing/teaching your courses.

Spring 2021 – Student Reflection on Virtual Learning

Fall 2020 – Design Tips for Online Student Engagement