Calendar of Events 2018

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Alternative Assessments – Feb. 28, 2018

Peer observation process

guidelines for peer review / classroomObservationPointers / SampleFeedback

Service Learning – Sept. 22, 2017


GTA Orientation Part 1

GTA Orientation Part 2

Intro to D2L

Intro to Zoom

D2L Gradebook

Freshman Friendly Workshop II

Freshman Friendly Workshop III

Digital Pedagogy Meeting II

Reading circle Making it Stick FF workshop IV: Active learning and Flipped classrooms HLC Group 4 – Meeting II
FF workshop V – Assessment and Grading (Power Point)

FF 1 – Assumptions, Expectations, and Communication (Power Point)

Reading Circle – Mtg 2

FF 2 – Scaffolding, Improved Notetaking (Power Point)

FF3 – Effective Classroom, Class Participation (Power Point)

FF4 – Active Learning (Power Point)